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Some people get a raw deal from their local Netflix. Netflix is stuck in a world of out-dated international licencing deals that restrict it from giving its users a global worldwide library. If you want to take full advantage and watch Frasier on American Netflix, or Ant-Man on Canadian Netflix then you'll need a Smart DNS service.

By changing your DNS settings (your DNS service will show you how, it's super easy!) you can make Netflix think your internet traffic is coming from a different country.

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Be wary of free DNS codes, you're just asking for trouble with viruses or malware.

A Smart DNS service, such as ExpressVPN, is better than a pure VPN service as it will work on any device.

Netflix recently cracked down on these services, but have yet to terminate any accounts. They usually just stop you from watching your (rightful!) content. We will aim to keep this page updated with DNS services that our users (Follow us on Twitter) tell us about.


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Netflix Everywhere