New on Netflix, 3rd Sep 2017

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Good evening

It’s Sunday and that means it’s Netflix day the best of the newest Netflix in the last week!

1 Tip the Mouse (2014)

In his tiny meadow village, curious little mouse Tip enjoys fun and adventure while learning about the world with his furry friends and family.

2 Daphne (2017)

A jaded city girl lives in the moment, until the experience of witnessing a stabbing begins to prey on her mind and compels her to examine her life .

3 Andron: The Black Labyrinth (2015)

In 2154, a group of amnesiac young people fight for survival inside a sprawling death trap filled with armored killers and run by a corporate empire.

4 According to Greta (2009)

Forced to live with her grandparents in New Jersey, a combative teenager concerns her family when she strikes up a romance with an ex-con line cook.

5 Sming (2014)

After killing a mystic forest creature to save a child, brave hunter Boon sparks an intense blood feud with an unspeakable beast bent on revenge.