Best Movies and Series from Peter Stormare On Netflix

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Can’t get that monkey off your back? Don't panic, FlixSearch has got you covered, and here's the top 5 movies from Peter Stormare that’s guaranteed* to perk you up

1 Awakenings (1990)

When a neurologist tests an experimental drug on a catatonic patient, he must come to grips with life as an adult as he awakens from a 30-year coma.

2 Damage (2009)

The life of a respected British politician at the height of his career crumbles when he becomes obsessed with his son's lover.

3 8MM (1999)

A private eye descends into an abyss of evil after a widow hires him to determine whether a snuff film in her late husband's possession was genuine.

4 Bad Boys II (2003)

In this hyperkinetic sequel, a pair of Miami narcotics cops investigate a Cuban drug kingpin's connection to Florida's influx of Ecstasy.

5 The Last Stand (2013)

The sheriff of a sleepy border town finds his quiet life interrupted when a drug boss escapes FBI custody and flees straight toward his town.