Best Military & War Movies Movies and Series On Netflix

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It's finally going to happen, it's Thursday. That means we dig between the sofa cushions and pick a random Genre.

So here’s our top 5 Military & War Movies movies and series on Netflix

1 Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Eight U.S. Army Rangers penetrate German-held territory during World War II to find and bring home a soldier whose three brothers have been killed.

2 Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Marine recruits endure the grueling ordeal of basic training and later face the unrelenting Viet Cong during the Tet Offensive in this grim drama.

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3 Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Amid the holocaust of tribal fighting in Rwanda, one ordinary hotel manager musters the courage to save more than 1,000 refugees.

4 Casablanca (1942)

American expat Rick Blaine runs a Moroccan nightclub during World War II and contends with his ex, who walks back into his life.

Ireland Norway Colombia Australia Denmark

5 The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

This sweeping epic is set in a World War II Japanese prison camp, where British prisoners are forced to build a bridge as a morale-building exercise.