Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

While investigating a bizarre case, a New York City police officer meets a priest who convinces him the incident is related to demonic possession.

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  Country Appeared on Flixsearch
Andorra Andorra 09/Apr/2017
Angola Angola 11/May/2017
Antarctica Antarctica 21/Apr/2017
Armenia Armenia 19/Apr/2017
Australia Australia 21/Apr/2017
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 21/Jun/2017
Belarus Belarus 21/Apr/2017
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 24/Jun/2017
Bulgaria Bulgaria 24/Jun/2017
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 24/Jun/2017
Burundi Burundi 09/May/2017
Cameroon Cameroon 01/May/2017
Canada Canada 30/Mar/2017
Cape Verde Cape Verde 24/Jun/2017
Central African Republic Central African Republic 09/May/2017
Chad Chad 22/Jun/2017
Christmas Island Christmas Island 24/Jun/2017
Comoros Comoros 09/May/2017
Croatia Croatia 24/Jun/2017
Cyprus Cyprus 22/Jun/2017
Czech Republic Czech Republic 05/Apr/2017
Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo 24/Jun/2017
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea 22/Jun/2017
Eritrea Eritrea 01/May/2017
Gambia Gambia 09/May/2017
Georgia Georgia 22/Jun/2017
Ghana Ghana 01/May/2017
Guinea Guinea 29/Apr/2017
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau 22/Jun/2017
Hungary Hungary 22/Jun/2017
Iceland Iceland 06/Apr/2017
Iraq Iraq 20/Apr/2017
Israel Israel 06/Apr/2017
Italy Italy 21/Apr/2017
Japan Japan 07/Apr/2017
Jordan Jordan 22/Jun/2017
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 06/Apr/2017
Kuwait Kuwait 22/Jun/2017
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 02/May/2017
Lebanon Lebanon 20/Apr/2017
Lesotho Lesotho 22/Jun/2017
Liberia Liberia 02/May/2017
Lithuania Lithuania 20/Apr/2017
Macedonia Macedonia 06/Apr/2017
Madagascar Madagascar 08/May/2017
Mali Mali 02/May/2017
Mauritania Mauritania 30/Apr/2017
Mauritius Mauritius 26/Apr/2017
Mayotte Mayotte 22/Jun/2017
Monaco Monaco 20/Apr/2017
Montenegro Montenegro 06/Apr/2017
Mozambique Mozambique 30/Apr/2017
Namibia Namibia 02/May/2017
Niger Niger 08/May/2017
Palestine Palestine 23/Jun/2017
Poland Poland 19/Apr/2017
Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo 30/Apr/2017
Reunion Reunion 23/Jun/2017
Romania Romania 02/May/2017
Rwanda Rwanda 08/May/2017
Saint Helena Saint Helena 10/May/2017
San Marino San Marino 06/Apr/2017
Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe 08/May/2017
Senegal Senegal 30/Apr/2017
Serbia Serbia 23/Jun/2017
Seychelles Seychelles 02/May/2017
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 08/May/2017
Slovakia Slovakia 23/Jun/2017
Slovenia Slovenia 06/Apr/2017
South Africa South Africa 30/Apr/2017
South Sudan South Sudan 23/Jun/2017
Spain Spain 09/May/2017
Sudan Sudan 08/May/2017
Swaziland Swaziland 23/Jun/2017
Tanzania Tanzania 30/Apr/2017
Togo Togo 02/May/2017
Tunisia Tunisia 23/Jun/2017
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 18/Apr/2017
Uganda Uganda 02/May/2017
Ukraine Ukraine 19/Apr/2017
Vatican Vatican 19/Apr/2017
Western Sahara Western Sahara 02/May/2017
Zambia Zambia 01/May/2017
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 23/Jun/2017

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