Bernie (2011)

An affable mortician befriends his small town's wealthiest widow, but it's not long before he gets fed up with her neediness and sour attitude.

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Brady Coleman

Brady Coleman

Scrappy Holmes
Rick Dial

Rick Dial

Don Leggett
Richard Robichaux

Richard Robichaux

Lloyd Hornbuckle
Mika Odom

Mika Odom

Community Theater Group
Jacqui Bloom

Jacqui Bloom

Community Theater Group
Veronica Orosco

Veronica Orosco

Church Patron (uncredited)
Gary Teague

Gary Teague

Neighborhood Onlooker (uncredited)
Valerie Frazee

Valerie Frazee

Robin (uncredited)
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UK UK 21/Jul/2017
Uruguay Uruguay 21/Apr/2017
Vanuatu Vanuatu 09/Jul/2017
Venezuela Venezuela 07/Jul/2017
Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna 09/Jul/2017

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